Separation Anxiety

For dogs that don't like being left behind.

Any of this sound like your situation?

My dog can't be left alone because:

  • Whining, barking or howling is disrupting the neighbours

  • There's pee on the bed and scratch marks at the door

  • A different shoe is chewed every day, but the bully stick is untouched

  • The crate wires are bent and the welcome home greeting is over the top

Personalized Daily

Training Plans

100% Virtual

How Does it Work?

Cost and Commitment

Everything you need to know before we start

4 week minimum commitment

There is no quick fix for separation anxiety. Be prepared for a few months of work, 5 days per week, 20 - 30 minutes per day.

Suspension of absences

Doggo can't be left alone for longer than they can handle. Don't worry, I'll help you figure this part out.

100% Virtual

All of our sessions are completed over zoom, and you'll be provided with a virtual shared workbook for us to collaborate on.

$1040 CA

  • 1.5 hour initial consultation

  • 4 customized missions per week, written based on daily feedback from you

  • 1 thirty minute reassessment per week

  • Virtual workbook

*Payment plans available

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