Fear, Aggression & Reactivity

For dogs that are having big feelings.

Big feelings can be scary.

Let's help our dogs learn new ways to react to their triggers.

Fear, anxiety, reactivity, aggression... it's complex. Do you recognize any of these signs of distress?

  • Growling, snarling, barking

  • Snapping, biting

  • Running away, avoiding

  • Cowering, hiding

  • Shaking, drooling

Committed to positive reinforcement based training.

Coaching Package

Learn how to train your dog, and get the basics started in this 3 lesson package. Let me give you a crash course in animal training, so you can take the reins into your own hands.

  • 1.5 hour initial consultation

  • Two 1 hour follow ups to be used within 4 weeks

  • Handouts and email support


Price per household (not per dog)

Reactivity and Aggression Intensive

(Add on)

Let me do the heavy lifting and build a strong foundation for you. Years spent as a dog walker, followed by years as a professional trainer means I can fast-track the training process to get to your goals faster, with less frustration.

  • Coaching package

    • 1.5 hour initial consultation

    • Two one hour follow ups

    • Handouts and email support

  • 3 or 5 visits per week, 45 minutes each visit, 2 week minimum

  • Daily reports

* This is only available for on-leash reactivity and aggression cases.

$1105 (3 visits per week)

$1495 (5 visits per week)

30 Min Call

Not sure if you need full-on help? Let's chat about your issue and see if there's a simple solution, or if more intervention is required.

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